The All-Natural Ingredient About To Cure Your Hair Woes

Ahh, winter: the time of year when our showers can’t get hot enough, our clothes can’t be warm enough, and our hair can’t be hydrated enough. With the brisk chilly weather in full-force, our strands are seriously suffering from dryness, brittle texture, frizz—the list goes on and on. So, in an effort to beat our hairy winter blues, we’re reaching for this lock-replenisher: grapeseed oil.


What Is Grapeseed Oil?


It’s exactly what it sounds like: oil derived from grapes, according to Thom Priano, celebrity stylist and Co-Founder of R+Co. It’s the byproduct of winemaking (another reason to love your pinot noir), and Priano notes that it has been used for centuries in hair care.


So as we’ve learned from the whole blow up of the “all natural” craze in beauty, not all naturally derived ingredients are good for you, which is why some of you may be skeptical of grapeseed oil. But, fret not, because there’s more to this ingredient than the all-natural label: according to Priano, this derivative is rich in oleic and linoleum acid, two fatty acids that help nourish hair.


“Linoleum acid is an omega 6 fatty acid that helps stimulate hair growth,” Priano says. Oleic acid, an Omega 9 fatty acid, has been reported by The International Journal of Trichology to help repair split ends, making the combination of these two nutrients essential for some wintertime TLC for your strands.


Grapeseed oil also contains vitamin E, another hair care necessity in Priano’s book. “Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant found in grape seed oil and can help heal your scalp from free radical damage,” he says.


Whether you have ultra-thin Type 1 hair type or have kinky coils, the benefits of grapeseed oil have no bounds. Priano says that every hair type can use this product without caution. Plus, unlike heavier oils (we’re looking at you, coconut oil), this all-natural ingredient is very lightweight, so it won’t cause breakouts along your hairline. One word of advise: go with the “less is more” mindset when using grapeseed oil, as Priano says that using too much can leave your hair with a greasy, flat feel.


If you’re ready to prepare and defend your locks for the colder months ahead, stock up on some of our favorite grapeseed oil-infused products below:


Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque



Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Balm-To-Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque, Size One Size



A hair mask a day will keep the hairdresser away. Hair masks are a great way to repair damaged hair by replenishing moisture retention, elasticity, and sheen, and conditioning. This mask hydrates and conditions hair as a pre-shampoo, incorporating a nourishing fusion of coconut, argan, macadamia nut, sweet almond, safflower seed, and grapeseed oil in a balm-to-oil formula.


Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner



Invati(TM) Advanced Thickening Conditioner, Size 33.8 oz



Give your strands the softening touch you’ve been craving with this conditioner, which is packed to the brim with our favorite natural additive. This conditioner instantly gives hair a thicker and silky-smooth finish, for fresh salon hair once you step out of the shower.


Oribe Côte d’Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil



Côte D'azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil, 100ml - Colorless



For a 2-for-1 beauty deal, try out this beloved oil from Oribe. Not only does it smell like a trip to a luxury salon, but it also contains a blend of grapeseed and passion flower extracts, sweet almond and nourishing argan oil to moisturize and give your tresses a nearly-blinding sheen.


Philip B Icelandic Blonde Conditioner



Icelandic Blonde Conditioner, 178ml - Colorless



Dyed hair can be the most difficult to manage as the constant toners, dyes, and products can wear and tear at your strands and follicles. Thankfully, there’s this trusty purple conditioner: it cancels out warm, brassy tones while deeply nourishing hair, so it shines bright.

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