Grisha’s Guide to Kiev — Take a Tour of Ukraine’s Fashion Capital

The creative duo Ksenia and Anton Schnaider shared inspirational places in their beloved city of Kiev in a quirky, lighthearted new video “Grisha’s Guide to Kiev”. The Schnaiders are part of the vibrant — and very up-and-coming — fashion scene in the Ukranian capital. Their collections are consistently diverse, using reworked vintage denim and incorporating some feminine dresses and blouses made from linen, cambric and viscose. Ksenia’s Spring Summer 2018 collection is all about summertime ease and inner beauty. The duo’s much-hyped Reworked Sportswear collection deconstructs logos and graphic elements to present entirely new, off-kilter streetwear. Kiev is currently holding court at the cutting edge of fashion, and the Schnaiders are helping lead the charge.

Head of Video Tina Rosh

Director Jordan Blady

Producer Pavel Buryak

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