These Gold Gucci Hoops Are The Ultimate Aspirational Rich-Bitch Symbol

I have a fictional aspirational lifestyle persona that I have named Rich Hot Mom. “What would Rich Hot Mom Do?”—or WWRHMD?—I ask myself before getting dressed. Rich Hot Mom mixes and matches Versace prints with Fendi logos (all fake, in my case), enjoys palazzo pants, AND, most importantly, wears lots of gold jewelry. At fancy jewelry/watch fair Baselworld, Gucci just unveiled some gold logo hoops that Rich Hot Mom is positively salivating over.



Image via Gucci


‘The gold hoops are oversized, with crystal-emblazoned double-G’s hanging casually on the earring’s bottom rim. I interpret these earrings as Gucci reminding us never to mess with them—they may have a whimsical, Hollywood Forever, romance-in-a-dilapidated mansion vibe going on right now, but the person who buys these likely $1,000+ earrings is unfuckwithably rich and owning it. Nothing quiet about that wealth.


Gucci also made a silver version of these puppies, but honestly, it’s just not the same. In addition to the hoops, helix-style gold and silver rings were also debuted, as were two watches in the brand’s signature red and green colorway. For Rich Hot Mom’s companion, Rich Hot Dad or Rich Hot Other Mom, there’s a watch with a black-and-red snake winding around the wristband.


No release dates have been confirmed yet, so Rich Hot Mom will simply have to keep wearing her Claire’s gold hoops for now.


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