Hailey Baldwin Is Bringing Back Beachwear Chic

Remember puka shell necklaces, board shorts, and baby tees emblazoned with Hurley? They were the pinnacle of California cool transported to your land-locked town, thanks to brands like Hurley, Quicksilver, and Roxy. Now, Hailey Baldwin and pro surfer Kelia Moniz are about to resurrect Roxy with a four-season collection inspired by the pair’s friendship.


Called Sister, the line will be released over the course of two years. WWD reported that the first season will be a “highly curated assortment” with a pale pink, gray, and metallic color palette. There will also be swimwear, both one pieces and two pieces, graphic T-shirts, and “more elevated items” like a blush-colored blazer and wide-leg pants.



“For me, with a bathing suit in general, it’s always [about] the fit and I feel like they nailed the fits of this collection,” Baldwin told WWD. “We have similar styles. I’m just a little taller so they look good on both [Baldwin and Moniz].”


There will also be cover-ups designed to transition from day to night (real Malibu hours, y’all). Apparently, future seasons will see the line experimenting with color and streetwear.


Baldwin and Moniz met when Moniz married one of Baldwin’s friends, and the duo quickly bonded. Explaining the label’s name, Moniz told WWD, “We’re friends, but we’re a lot more than that and I think the next step of that is basically sisters. I don’t have a sister so I feel like a lot of the girls in my life become sisters.”


The line, it seems, will be an elevated next step for Roxy to expand its name beyond surfer girl casual wear. With Baldwin’s minimal Instagram style and Moniz’s pro surfer career, the friendship was a natural fit for the line. “Our friendship was an inspiration to the brand because we come from two different worlds,” Moniz told W. “Our relationship is so easy. It’s real; it’s not fake.”


Sister, described on Roxy’s site as being “for the globally savvy, from Waikiki to Williamsburg” is certainly low-key Malibu chic, with muted florals, gauzy blouses, and a circular straw purse. You can shop the collection here.

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