Every Hand Cream Our Editors Need To Survive Winter

What’s worse than clammy hands? Dry, chapped ones. And during these polar vortex winters, no skin is safe. Since gloves can only offer so much protection, a heavy-duty hand cream is vital for the extreme cold.


Instead of succumbing to the frigid temperatures, bring your hands back to life with the moisturizers our editors can’t live without.


The Au Naturale Choice


Sleepy Body Lotion



“I’m obsessed with LUSH Cosmetics’ Sleepy lotion. It’s meant to be used before bedtime, but I use it any time, any place. I have extremely sensitive skin, and this cream is one of the few that doesn’t cause my skin to freak out. Plus, it has the soothing smell of lavender, which I’m a total sucker for.” – Jennifer Hussein, Assistant Editor


The Fragrant Option


Gourmand Hand Cream

Sold Out


“So, I don’t necessarily think this is the best hand cream, but I will always sacrifice utility for scent—and this one is amazing. For one that really works, however—and this is gross!—I coat my knuckles in Glossier’s Balm Dot Com.” – Caroline Phinney, Platforms Editor & Audience Manager


The One That Looks As Good As It Smells


Peach Hand Cream



“I never understood the point of hand cream (I grew up in south Florida and live in LA), but now that I’m in the wake of my first New York winter and my entire body cracks upon stepping one foot outside—I get it. To piggyback off what Caroline said about scent over utility, I also hold packaging to an irresponsible standard. And this TONYMOLY hand cream is it.” – Alix Gutierrez, Social Media Editor


The Heavy Hitter


Intensive Hand Cream Persian Rose & Argan Extract


“This cream has the best texture: It’s super-moisturizing without leaving my hands greasy and sticky. I love the subtle rose fragrance, and a little goes a long way! I’ve been using this hand cream for three years now, buying one tube at every beginning of winter. On top of that? It’s Instagrammable and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.” – Marie Laure Dumon, Head of Merchandising


The Clear Winner


Skin Food


“Skin Food: Nothing beats this nearly 100-year-old formulation from Weleda—it’s pretty universal in that I can use it all over (even on my face!) when I get really dry in the thick of winter, but it does the trick every time. Plus, it’s 100% natural and derived from plants, so it’s actually real nutrition for the skin. “ – Jessica Teves, Editor-in-Chief


“I’ve been told I have beautiful hands, but during the winter, the compliments dissipate. I need major rescue for dry cracked knuckles and calluses, and Weleda Skin Food is hands down the BEST. It’s moisture-heavy but not goopy and sinks right into your skin.” – Heartleigh Little, Editorial Director


The Less-Is-More Approach


Lait Creme Concentre


“I’ll confess: I’ve never been a “cream” type of person. Whether it’s hands, face, or feet, I hate the often-greasy feeling that most formulas leave behind. If I am in a bind—meaning I’ve reached the point of no return with cracked, uncomfortable knuckles and dry cuticles, this French pharmacy staple is my go-to. It’s extra-hydrating and extra-thick, so a little goes a long way.” – Erin Cunningham, Freelance Managing Editor

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