The Hands-Free Trick To Updating Your Handbag Game

Fanny-pack, bum-bag, belt bag, waist pack… whatever you choose to call it, the small, effortless bag is an essential focal point to any hands-free look. Gone are the days when fanny-packs were only shown on TV reruns or confined to accompanying socks-and-sandals looks on middle-aged dads. Now, brands from Rag & Bone to Gucci are offering their 21st-century renditions of the retro style and there is a version of the mini, trendy bag for anyone.

If you’re not sold on hands-free and trending, keep in mind that fanny-packs are adaptable and versatile. They fit nicely around the waist and can be personalized sitting at different points on the body, even falling at the chest if slung around one shoulder. The bag can mesh right into an outfit, woven through belt loops.

To seamlessly incorporate the style into an everyday look, let the bag stand for itself. Opt for a simple monochrome look to act as a blank canvas, and let all attention draw to a chic little fanny-pack. Try a big, cozy coat in white with sock boots, and throw in a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses if you’re feeling adventurous. A nondescript, angular bag works perfectly with this look, but so does a playful, edgy bag. And aren’t those more fun?


Belted Wool-blend Bouclé Coat - Light gray



Chain-embellished Wool-blend Sweater - Ecru



Convertible Matelassé Velvet Belt Bag - Black



Cat-eye acetate sunglasses



Rigid Stove Pipe high-rise jeans



Patent-leather Ankle Boots - White


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