H&M’s Moschino Collaboration Is Selling Out Fast


One of the most highly-anticipated collaborations of the year dropped today, leaving dozens of shelves and hangers in selected stores around the world empty.


Fans were lining up just before midnight to get their hands on one of the affordable H&M x Moschino pieces.


The collection features a vast range of over-the-top womenswear, menswear, lifestyle products (think: a “This is not a Moschino Toy” teddybear), and pet wear, with prices ranging from $25 to $300. 


As expected, the brand’s website crashed as soon as the clock hit opening time. Thankfully, the fashion drama has since been resolved, and there are actually quite a few pieces still available online. For the most anxious Moschino fans, reselling outlets like eBay remain the ultimate source. 


H&M’s power move to collaborate with Moschino is also one of the most commercial ones so far. Last year’s partnership with Erdem proved weaker compared to previous collections with Karl Lagerfeld, Balmain, or Marni. Profits aside, cheap-chic is what sells most, and Moschino’s “copy-and-paste” DNA easily speaks directly to the H&M shopper.


Besides, who wouldn’t want a Mickey Mouse sweater?

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