How Do you Dress When you Commute and it’s Hot AF in the Subway

We’re taking it back to the summer of 2002 when Nelly blessed us with, “It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes.” Nostalgia set aside, it’s a scorcher in here, and we’re on the brink of stripping down into our birthday suits. New York City is experiencing their first heat wave of the season; we’re talking 90+ temps for seven days straight, forget comfortability we’re just trying to stay alive in these streets.

If you’re a native or ever experienced the city’s stifling conditions you know the subways are a small taste of hell during this time of the year, but NYC is a commuter city so how is one to dress to keep cool and keep sane during these trying times.

How Do you Dress When you Commute and it’s Hot AF in the Subway

For all intents and purposes we would say live your best life and go streaking down the block being young wild, and free, but you may encounter more severe consequences other than sweating through your t-shirt on the way to work. For a more sensible option how about kicking it to the 1990s, a time of minimalism and realism because let’s face it this heat has stopped being polite and it’s starting to get REAL.

Getting dressed to meet the commuter madness needs to take zero to no effort so what better approach than the casual aesthetic of 90s normcore. Think basics, a black cotton tank with speckled washed denim high-rise, cropped jeans paired with a black accent belt, canvas tote, and minimal tennis shoes to tie everything together. A little scuffed up in the shoe department would be all the better because you’re going for a realist method of dressing. None of that ruffles, sugar and spice nonsense just something functional, stylish, and able to get you through your next 5 train-Lexington Avenue ride without turning into a complete puddle of sweat and tears.


The Daily Ribbed Stretch-cotton Tank - Black



Womens Air Force 1 '07



Bleach Block Denim High Rise Straight Jeans



Medium Printed Textured-leather Tote - Black



Cropped Cone Jeans



Leather Belt - Black


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