Ah, So This Is How You Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup

Slowly but surely the warmer months are approaching, which means sun, sand, and faster aging. While you might be a vigilant pre-makeup sunscreen-wearer, that initial application will only get you so far, once again giving rise to the age-old question: How do you reapply sunblock over a full face of makeup?


It’s been a mystery for many moons, and most women have given up finding an answer for. I’m sure you’ve often resorted to sheen-inducing sprays, which, when coupled with sweat, make you appear as though someone dipped you in oil and deep-fried you. But now, there’s a new trick in town, and it will change your life. Last week, drug-research scientist and beauty blogger Australia-based Hannah English took to her Instagram stories to share her secret to sun-protected skin post-makeup and it’s so simple: a very good makeup sponge. 


The Juno & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponge is her tool of choice, which she claims doesn’t absorb product but merely distributes it. Dotting her skin with product, she used the flat side of the sponge to lightly dab over her foundation. English’s revelation came from having to attend an evening event and not wanting to completely re-do her day makeup, but simultaneously ensure she was sun-safe. Her story claims the key is to solely pop on a little sunscreen at a time, otherwise your foundation will separate and you’ll have to start all over. Revolutionary.


Get ready for a wrinkle-free summer of your dreams, everybody! Feel free to cancel that Botox appointment now.

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