How to Dress Down Your Workwear

The summer withdrawals are in full effectno more frivolous weekend getaways, spontaneous late nights, and endless fun in the sun. It’s back to the regularly scheduled programming. This results in workwear prep, and as everyone knows, the true workaholics thrive best from September to December leading up to the impending holiday break. Workwear 101, in theory, sounds like a simple task, but depending on your industry and occupation pulling it together can feel like an art form of its own.

If you’re like us and dwell in summertime sadness, maybe a dressed-down approach to your workwear may be the answer you’ve been desperately searching for all along. Ditch the fussy skirt suits, patty melts, and briefcase look how about something more pared back, relaxed, and effortlessly stylish that warrants back to work hookie feels. (SB: Don’t skip out on work, folks we’re not responsible for the repercussions of being pulled into HR).   How to Dress Down Your WorkwearWe’ve sought after to bring our workwear down a notch in the best way possible. Transform that midi skirt and button down combo into a chic alteration. Opt for a vertical striped button-down collared shirt going the oversized everything route. Oversized cufflinks, oversized collar, and an oversized boxy fit. Tuck your button-down into a plaid midi length skirt mixing and matching patterns will offer a less polished and put together ensemble. Continue down the casual and practical end of the spectrum by adding in a pair of dad sneakers and a baguette handbag to complement the look. You’ll go from the everyday working professional to “who’s that girl!?”


Striped cotton shirt



Trunk leather shoulder bag



Jack plaid cotton skirt



Triple S sneakers



Leather belt



Thunder Electric leather sneakers


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