How to Handle Bad Weather With Style And Grace

March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb… but those of us on the East Coast know that the March lion has a strong roar. While we’re patientlyor impatientlywaiting for gentler weather, picking out what to wear each day is like solving a really difficult puzzle. You need to juggle snow, freezing temperatures, warm temperatures, sun, rain, wind, calm weather, you name it, and sometimes this is all in one day. If you pick the wrong pieces, you can end up cold, uncomfortable, wet, too warm, really anything is possible.

While you may never get it just right, we have a few transitional weather styling tips up our sleeves that can get you through these weird March days.


The most important piece of clothing is a raincoat. Pick one you love, something trendy, functional, and comfortable. The raincoat you pick now might end up becoming your best friend until those “April showers bring May flowers.” A trusty pair of jeans won’t fail you no matter how cold or warm March temps get, and a lightweight turtleneck is another safe bet. Don’t forget to add a pair of sunglasses and some all-weather boots. You don’t know what Mother Nature might throw at you.


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