How to Make Neutrals Exciting

Wearing neutrals is often considered the “safe route” of dressing. A neutral wardrobe consists of black, white, grey, beige, ivory, taupe and maybe a tinge of navy blue, if you’re adventurous. It’s all too cut and dry—predictable, for lack of a better word. The change in season beckons a transition of one’s wardrobe. Naturally, that means many women are digging up their tried and true over-the-knee boots, oxblood lipstick, blazers, cable knit sweaters, and don’t forget the pumpkin spice lattes!

It’s hard not to fall prey to following the trends that surround us, but the key to not becoming a carbon copy of them is to adapt them in to your personal style in a way that feels natural.

How to Make Neutrals Exciting 2

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to rethink your use of neutrals. Try your hand at a matching set like this rib knit shirt and skirt in olive green. Complement the cool tones with a check-print trench coat as a layering piece, and black over-the-knee boots for a play on proportion. Seal the deal with a geometric handbag in a color that goes with your checkered coat. Complete the look with sleek hair and gold hoop earrings for that woman-about-town vibe.   


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Finanza Trench Coat - Womens - Tan Multi



Lori Sash Suede Boots

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Belted Trench, Size Medium - Brown

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