How to Style a Cliché: Wallflower or Flower Power?

Whether it be a reincarnation of a peace-loving hippie or an avante-garde interpretation of “Flower Power” by Carlos Lopez, needless to say, the floral print has left its mark in more ways than one. The ornate and detailed textile known as florals had become a ubiquitous motif in fashion dating back to the 1400s and 1500s when European traders began to purchase and deemed the precious print a status symbol throughout Europe. Florals have then become a universal symbol of femininity acquiring various cultural significance from Asian to the Middle East.

How to Style a Cliché: Wallflower or Flower Power?Today, florals are up for interpretation but more times than not are embedding into our psyche to be a reflection of spring/summer. As cliché as it sounds, florals are the gift that keeps on giving. But the question at hand is whether florals have become a fleeting trend that’s ready for banishment, or can we embrace it as a springtime staple? We choose the latter on this one, transforming that traditional wallflower look into a flower power creation.

Try a floral print with a purpose by choosing a vivid base color like canary yellow allowing the florals to be the main attraction without being too overbearing on the eyes. Make sure to select a dress that is more than your everyday A-line, play with proportions, use cut-outs, ruffles, and variations of lengths to draw interest to the body that is flattering. Lastly, statement earrings and a monochrome touch of a matching yellow mule seal the deal.


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