How to Survive the Dog Days of Summer

We’re still in the thick of it, folks — endless sweating, tragic hair days, and the 100th heat wave of the season. Summer’s impending curtain call is in our grasp but somehow feels like light years away. Flashback to May and June when life seemed so simple, fast forward two months later and we’re OVER it.  

The dogs days of summer are real. It’s a stressful and unpleasant time occurring during mid-July through the end of August, leaving inhabitants of metropolitan cities in a frenzy for any weather below the 80-degree line. Along with the continuous rise in temperatures comes the added pressure of trying to find something to wear. How many times can Suzy wear the same mini black dress and distressed sneaker combo? Before you go streaking in the street and lose your last bits of sanity, try staying cool as a cucumber with these styling tips and tricks.How to Survive the Dog Days of SummerWe’ve opted for the minimalist route here, because anything else would be ludicrous in 90+ degrees. Keep things short, sweet and to the point and dress in cooler tones to alleviate any overheating concerns. Try a baby blue oversized button down shirt left open to create an easy, breezy look–emphasis on breezy. Pair your button down with a cropped white tank top, light-wash blue jeans, and to complete the look take a walk down retro lane with matching baby blue air force ones.  


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