If I Had Money I’d Buy This Cool Western Top

If you haven’t noticed, western is in right now; it’s definitely more modern and sleek than usual, and as Vogue UK put it, “less rodeo cowgirl, more Rodeo Drive.” So to make the historic, Americana trend feel fresh in your wardrobe, consider tops that give off the overall classic vibe but in a polished silhouette like this Isabel Marant shirt.

In a denim material, this shirt would look almost like a shirt Ralph Lauren would wear on the ranch in his ad campaigns, but in this pretty and cool paisley floral motif, it maintains the bohemian vibe while still being sleek enough to wear with simple pants and white ankle boots, or you can fully lean into the look by tucking into jeans with an embellished belt. At $600, it’s just the right price to buy an investment fashion piece that’ll go with anything you already own but still standout.



Tania Printed Crepe De Chine Shirt - Red


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