What The Hell Is An InstaSplit?

Weird flex, but ok. A person doing the splits, or *ahem* Instasplits, isn’t exactly the first thing that Instagram flexing calls to mind; however, the trend—which does require you to be flexible to some degree—is quickly becoming the latest status symbol. Embraced by the likes of Kaia Gerber and Katy Perry, people can’t stop spreading their legs for likes, literally.




No matter how many celebrities kick their legs up, Victoria Beckham is credited as the matriarch of this social media phenomenon. Beckham, the trendsetter she is, spurred the Instasplit into action back in 2015, when she posted a photo of herself reclined on a couch while “furiously” typing on her phone with one leg in the air, notes Daily Mail.


Last year, the Instasplit made headlines again when Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo of herself to Instagram striking the pose on a couch. “Is that a dig at Victoria Beckham?,” one comment reads. Beckham didn’t seem to care either way. She fanned the flame with yet another photo of her Instasplitting, and has since posted a number of Instasplit photos. Now, many are clearly following in her…leg span.


Will we see Instasplitting carry on in 2019? God I hope not.

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