Everybody.World Co-Founder Iris Alonzo Talks Holiday Stoner Merch

By now, you’ve probably heard of Everybody.World. Started in 2016 by two native Los Angeleno’s, Carolina Crespo and Iris Alonzo (who are also American Apparel alum), Everybody.World makes gender-neutral clothing and specialty lifestyle items. Iris and Carolina update the shop with monthly collaborations, designed by an eclectic cast of “contributors” and brands. At  the core of their business are recycled cotton t-shirts, but these collaborations sometimes include one-of-a-kind objects, like snake-shaped body pillows, and styles, like pants designed by cool 14-year-olds named Paloma.


Everybody.World Co-Founder Iris Alonzo Talks Holiday Stoner Merch 8

Photo: Courtesy of Everybody.World

Everybody.World co-founders Iris Alonzo & Carolina Crespo


For the holidays, Everybody.World partnered with Merry Jane, a cannabis-focused digital media publication founded by Snoop Dogg in 2015. The result? A weed-themed line of merch, illustrated by Heather Benjamin, that includes things like a hoodie, a t-shirt and a “stash pouch” that are all perfect for the stoner in you(r life). Iris was nice enough to answer some of our questions about the collection, weed “as a concept,” and Snoop D-O-G-G. Read on for her answers and a closer look at Everybody.World’s Merry Jane x Heather Benjamin collaboration.


Everybody.World Co-Founder Iris Alonzo Talks Holiday Stoner Merch

Photo: Courtesy of Everybody.World


COOLS: Can you give us some insight into how the collaboration with Merry Jane came to be? Any stolen moments with Snoop Dogg that you can share with us?


Iris Alonzo: “We met Merry Jane’s Editor in Chief, Noah, who was like ‘we have to make some cool stoner swag!’ We were all for it, and came up with some silhouettes that felt comfy and cozy. Snoop is amazing. He’s involved in so many projects. He loves to cook and eat and just released a cookbook!”



COOLS: You do limited edition collaborations with different artists, brands, people. What boxes need to checked when considering a collaboration? What made Merry Jane a good fit?


IA: “We want to spend our time working with likeminded people! Merry Jane are a fun group, as you can imagine, and they were really open minded about our approach. Plus they introduced us to the artist Heather Benjamin, who was very cool to work with. Her work is insane.”



COOLS: Do you have any favorite pieces from the collection?


IA: “The Pink Hoodie! 100%. Sometimes we all show up at the office wearing it, especially on a lazy or cold day, and it’s the coziest, softest, squishiest thing ever. We make the cotton fabric from scratch in LA and it is the BEST. Pull up that hood, put your hands in the pockets and feel good.”



COOLS: A lot of designers and brands are referencing weed in their work these days, like Jacquie Aiche, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Vetements, Everybody.World. Beyond just style, weed legislature in America is changing and it’s becoming more mainstream. What impact do you see your brand having on the larger conversation around weed? Do you think of your platform and products as helping to destigmatize the usage of weed in any way?


IA: “People that use weed are from all walks of life! It’s not just a “stoner” thing where you sit on your couch eating chips anymore and we’re into that. I don’t think we’re necessarily helping destigmatize it, but we’re definitely excited about participating in the new market.”



COOLS: CBD is also really popular right now. Do you have any favorite cbd products or brands?


IA: “Hmmm…there are some really great teas and mints out there. Also I love the Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm for a sore neck!”



COOLS: What are some of the brands/people/artists that you would like to work with in the future?


IA: “So many! We’d love to work with people from the scientific community, to get their take on fashion. Where are the stylish biologists!? We have recently started working with Nike which has been really fun – they have a super creative team with great design ideas. We’re excited about doing more with them! Oh, and also forever on our list will be Michelle Obama. We are now only one degree of separation, so maybe it will happen some day!”



Shop the Merry Jane x Heather Benjamin collection now at Everybody.World.

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