Throw Out Your Almond Milk, Try These Jacquemus Earrings Instead

We know, you’re over it. You don’t want to hear any more from Jacquemus’s buzz-worthy Paris Fashion Week show. You’re done with the miniscule bags. You couldn’t care less about the barely-there skirts. We get it. But let us have this one last thing, or actually, maybe two: these almond earrings.

Almonds. Encased in a tiny glass almond. Attached to several more almonds-encased-in-glass-almonds. To form a chain of almonds-encased-in-glass-almonds. If you’re a religious oat milk consumer, I’m sorry to say you drink strictly almond now.


Between sun-kissed models and strappy sandals, Jacquemus’ adherence to the summer-in-southern-France aesthetic has become his signature, promoting an image of fat-free, year-round beach-living. We might have predicted his parlay into nutrition, but it could have been a few seasons until we saw some of the hottest health foods on the runway. Nevertheless, we anticipate a kale-inspired skirt with bated breath.


Bravo, Simon, and god forbid we ever see a spray tan grace your runway, or a dairy-drinker.


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