Okay, But What Could You Actually Fit In This Tiny Jacquemus Bag?

Forget Dior’s Saddle or Chanel’s quilted Gabrielle, the accessory of the past several seasons has been Jacquemus’s Le Saq Chiquito. It’s been seen on everyone who’s anyone—from Kim Kardashian West to Dua Lipa—long-since solidifying its status as a fashion girl staple.


For his Fall 2019 show, Jacquemus debuted the tiniest version of his original yet—a purse so small it defies all practicality. ‘Mini Chiquito’ definitely can’t store your phone, no no. What about your lipgloss? Wrong again. How about a simple credit card? Absolutely not. So what will fit in this minuscule hold-nothing? We have some ideas.


1. A lone gummy bear


Need a small boost to get you through Fashion Month’s unrelenting schedule? Keep one little jelly baby in your bag for emergency’s sake. It may prove frustrating to continue to carry around an empty purse when you inevitably gobble down your gummy, but it’s worth it.


2. Coins amounting to approximately $/£/€1.50


You never know when you’re going to need some spare change, but you never need too much. Here’s where Mini Chiquito comes in handy, because it is literally incapable of carrying more than the bare minimum.


3. Six pills of your choosing 


Hey, we don’t know your preference (you could be a vitamin fiend), but if you’re looking to chicly package something that keeps you alive, this bag is definitely for you. Just consult with your doctor before purchasing.


4. One teaspoon of sand from the French Riviera 


If you click your Jacquemus Portofino Pumps three times and repeat, “Pastels, tassels, Vive le France” twice, Simon himself will appear and sprinkle in your Mini Chiquito a small serving of beach granules direct from the South of France.


5. A fortune cookie


Now this will be a tight squeeze, but certainly worth it when you’re in need of direction. The upside is, like the gummy bear, you can also eat it. However, if it proves too taxing to crush in a full cookie, just take remove the fortune and carry with you to read at a later date. That, we can at least guarantee, will fit.


6. A small, printed and rolled-up picture of Rihanna 


You never know when this might provide you relief or guidance, and frankly, we could all use the image of Robyn Fenty from time to time—why not specifically purchase a bag for its storage purposes?


7. Nothing at all


Because, well, fashion.

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