Why This Jacquemus Polka Dot Blouse Is Worth Going Broke For

I’ll be the first to admit that polka dots are a weird trend. Half of the time they remind me of The Flintstones, and even if I happened to find a piece that didn’t, I couldn’t seem to find the right kind of silhouette to make the print flattering. So when I saw this Jacquemus top on the runway during Paris Fashion Week I was intrigued. The dots seemed to be precisely the right size – not too cartoonishly big and not annoyingly small with an asymmetric strap and ruching to make the draping interesting.

But it wasn’t until the top was for sale that I was officially obsessed and let me tell you it was worth the wait. Since polka dots were huge at a lot of shows i.e Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Balenciaga, it’s an obvious trend but it’s not often that trends trickle down into being something wearable and chic for people who aren’t runway models.

So why spend over $500 on a polka dot top? It’s simple: sophistication doesn’t come cheap. This is the kind of purchase that allows you to invest in something that’s fun and interesting but also has staying power in your closet. The corset-inspired silhouette makes a huge difference in wearing a print like the polka dot since it adds shape and structure in an elegant way. Is there a better way to do summertime glamour? I don’t think so.


Le Haut Brella Appliquéd Crepe Top - Beige


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