The Model That Can’t Stand Fashion Trends

When it comes to style, Instagram can be an overwhelming abyss. Street Noise is our way to mine through the all that clutter and get right down to the ones who are giving fashion the edge we all live for. We’re highlighting the people whose style (and pages) we can’t get enough of to get to know a little more about them. 


What to expect from the self-proclaimed enigma that is @uglyworldwide? Style-wise, expect the unexpected from model and artist Jazzelle Zanaughtti, who recently teamed up with Mercedes-Benz, kickstarting their ‘How To’ fashion stories by learning how to vogue. It was a new skill for her, but certainly not a new experience for the eclectic creative, who cut her teeth in a metropolitan underground teeming with shameless self-expression.


We let Zanaughtti walk us through her vogueing experience and her style cues, below.


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the sunshine vitamin

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and what are you working on?

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and I moved to Chicago a week after graduating high school, at 17, by myself. I moved again at 21 to New York City. I’m 23 years old and I am a model, artist, and CEO of a company yet to be revealed.


You recently partnered with Mercedes-Benz to learn how to vogue. How did that experience shape your view of self-expression?

Throughout all the mediums of self-expression I’ve explored, I always find there is an outline of what’s right and wrong, what makes you good and what doesn’t. Despite the fact that is there is a right and wrong way to go about the technique of vogue, when you add purposefulness to the things you do, wrong or right, it becomes not a mistake but, personality. It makes it your own; it makes it your art.


The vogueing community and fashion have so many ties. What styling tips/inspiration are you taking away from this experience?

It’s always a plus to wear shoes you can move in!


How would you describe your eclectic personal style?

Metamorphic, unpredictable, dumb.

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~be a slut, do whatever the fuck u want- god

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How do you use style as a means of self-expression?

It’s how I show emotion. It’s something we all do in the morningget dressed to present ourselves to the world. Even if I don’t feel inspired enough to paint or create, I always am able to get my creativity out through what I decide to put on my body.


What’s the last item of clothing that you actually bought in a store?

A vintage Cambodian crown in an antique shop in Capri.


Who / what is your most random follow on Instagram?

Not sure what y’all consider random, but I guess I could say I’m weirdly obsessed with the life of this very small Canadian dog named Buzz.


What fashion trend makes you cringe?

Basically all of them!

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