Jeans and Polka Dots: A Match Made in Heaven

Circle circle, dot dot… No, we’re not talking about the childhood nursery rhyme, instead something a little less juvenile. Blame it on trend forecasters, blame it on fashion editors and influences, or go to the source that is the Jacquemus effect for our compulsive buying of all things polka-dotted.

The youthful print is one we’re all too familiar with, but we still can’t seem to escape the manic phenomenon as of late. The spotted print has also beckoned another trending article of clothing known as the denim obsession, and as we love to romanticize the elements of fashion, this dynamic duo lives up to the hype as a match made in heaven.

Jeans and Polka Dots: A Match Made in Heaven

We’ve decided to take a riskier approach to style on this one, as a print like polka dots can come off a bit “Little House on the Prairie,” and denim more often than not can lean toward a casual look, so why not spice things up a bit? When perfecting your polka dot choice, look for unique silhouettes that incorporate other design elements such as ruffles, high-low, looser fit or boxier cuts to add interest to your selection. Try the “dress over jeans” technique as the differentiated proportions add dimension to your fit.

This navy-and-white polka dot chiffon dress does just the trick, incorporating a high ruffled neckline to add texture, fluidity, and finesse to your look. Pair your polka dot piece with a cropped pair of semi-flare denim blue jeans. The flared hemline sits perfectly amidst white patent ankle boots to play off the white polka dots, and in a twist of events unleash your inner girl boss incorporating a power-dressing element like that of a tailored checkered blazer mixing and matching prints while adding an androgynous touch. Bring your look full-circle with a pair of black square-shaped sunnies and thick gold hoop earrings.  


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Samira 2" Gold-plated Hoop Earrings






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