Jeremy Scott and MAC Created Your Dream Beauty Mixtape

Fashion doesn’t always know how to have fun. If there’s anyone who reminds the industry that things aren’t that serious and a pop of color – or a Ronald McDonald tribute — is always in order, it’s Jeremy Scott. And now, the designer will collaborate with MAC, Scott’s beauty soul mate when it comes to all things high-voltage color and diva-driven.

The collaboration, slated to drop February 8th at, is a match made in heaven. It’s heavily music-inspired, with packages like a blush palette that looks like a high school mix CD and a ‘90s boombox eyeshadow palette. Scott told Vogue that music is a key part of his process.

“In general when I’m sketching of musing about a collection or a musician who I am doing costumes for, music is always on and playing,” Scott said. Ssion’s “Comeback” has been on replay lately in the Jeremy Scott office, and he said he always listens to his girls, aka his muses (and pals) Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and more. He also describes a constant stream of disco playing at his John Lautner home in the hills of Los Angeles, which sounds like a dream to me.

What the designer created for MAC is essentially the perfect beauty mixtape, with shades like Violetta, a bold purple lip tint for darker complexions, and Carmine Rouge, a dramatic bluish red. There’s also a selection of 29 eyeshadows, nine lipsticks, and three cheek colors. And for Scott, makeup is all about confidence and playfulness — or, as he told Vogue, what makes you feel guh-ud! “I’m not against taking an eyeshadow and putting it on your lips as a lipstick,” he said. “So if white eyeshadow on your lips is what makes you feel good, then you look guh-ud!”

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