Will Jonah Hill’s Clothing Brand Be For The “Pussy Posse”?

Jonah Hill is a menswear style icon, this much we know. In a now-chronicled series of posts on websites like the Daily Mail and People, Hill’s transformation from funny actor guy to head hypebeast of New York’s unofficial “Pussy Posse” has been well-documentedif not by the vacuum that is celebrity gossip, then certainly by Instagram fan accounts like @JonahFits, which documents Hill’s best style moments. Now, he is turning his habit of skipping the line at the Supreme store into his own fashion business.


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At a GQ LIVE event in Los Angeles last week, Hill shared the news of his forthcoming brand, stating: “All I will say is my next endeavor is in clothing.” Hill also discussed the “style cleanse” he’s experienced during his recent Mid90s press tour. “It’s nice to have a similar outfit on press tours so you always know what you’re wearing and don’t have to plan out, like, thousands of outfits,” he said.


No word yet on what his designs will look like, but if they are anything like Hill’s style in 2018, then we! are! ready!

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