All The Things Justin Bieber Should Endorse Before Deodorant

Celebrities are great sellers. Society’s ‘influencers’ before the term even existed, they can promote almost any product and we will happily lap it up.  We want to look like them, dress like them, smell like them…except, perhaps, when it comes to the scent of one Justin Bieber.


This is not something Justin Bieber should take personally. A 25-year-old male in his athletic prime and perhaps the grips of a severely delayed puberty, emulating Bieber’s scent is not something, I, or many people, I assume, envisioned doing. Matt Bomer? Yes. Brad Pitt? Definitely. Any entertainer over the age of 30 with whom I’ve been invested since a small child? Sure. Nonetheless, Bieber’s latest venture has been announced, and no it’s not new music, a new marriage, or a new baby—it’s a new partnership with a deodorant company. Bieber’s product specifically is titled HERE + NOW, because when you smell good, you live in the moment.


In an Instagram announcing the venture, Bieber’s armpits have been mysteriously shroudedthe singer/designer appears to embracing a cool breeze, which wouldn’t necessarily test the product’s effectiveness. It’s important to note, while I wouldn’t necessarily purchase deodorant to get closer to the Drew House founder, there are many JB-endorsed products I would gladly invest in, including:


1. Music. It’s been a very long sabbatical.


2. Kendall Jenner- and Hailey Bieber-worn Drew House bandanasHealth-conscious chic.


3. A self-help book and/or lecture series. Do you feel it? (See below.)



4. Shabby chic attire. Hotel slippers, trucker hats, Hawaiian shirts, sweats, you name it, Bieber could sell me it.


5. Dairy-laden spaghetti. So wholesome.

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