Is Justin Bieber Trolling Us With His New Style?

Is Justin Bieber trolling us? On Tuesday, August 14, Bieber stepped out in NYC wearing a suit and tie. Yes, that’s right, gone were the basketball shorts and tall tees that he usually wears. Bieber looks decidedly more like a preacher’s son in the photos, rather than a streetwise hypebeast.

There are two prominent hypotheses behind Bieber’s new “look”. The first: Bieber is trolling us. This is absolutely possible, given the fact that the “No Brainer” singer has been getting a lot of flack for his schlubby style and new haircut.

The second: Bieber has become a bonafide church-goer. Let us explain.

Bieber and his fiancé Hailey Baldwin have been spotted spending a considerate amount of time together at megachurches like Hillsong. They’ve spent a lot of time making out in public, too.

Troll or not, Bieber’s new, cleaned-up appearance looks weirdly off-brand

Recently, Bieber and Baldwin have also been spending a lot of time in NYC. Yesterday, the couple ate their way through the Big Apple. They hit up Dunkin’ Donuts and Shake Shack.

Um, we’ll take a Shroom Burger, thanks.

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