Kate Moss and Her $1,500 Beauty Regimen

Being Kate Moss is not cheap. The supermodel recently shared her daily beauty regimen with Evening Standard, and the numbers were eye-popping, to say the least. Ringing in at almost $1,500, Moss’ routine is expensive. Like, cost-prohibitively expensive.


Step 1: Skincare


“My daily routine is quite simple. I wash my face with Decorte’s Clean & Pure Foam Wash (£52 or $67), then add a few drops of Vitality Tincture (£140 or $180) to the brand’s AQ Meliority Intensive Cream (£950 or $1,220) to really hydrate my skin. All available at Selfridges,” she said. That’s not including any special facials, masks, or other skincare indulgences that she might partake in.


The total cost of her daily skin routine? Roughly $1,467.


But it doesn’t stop there.


Step 2: Fragrance


“I wouldn’t leave the house without scent on. Some of my favourites include Clarins Eau Dynamisante (£50 or $65; clarins.co.uk), Serge Lutens Fleurs D’Oranger Eau de Parfum (from £110 or $142; Harrods) and Nadia Narain Lua (£58 or $75; nadianarain.com). A couple of sprays and I’m done.”


We can’t imagine she’s wearing all of these at once, but who knows, maybe she likes to layer her fragrances for that personal je ne sais quoi. Add it all up, and it costs approximately $282 to smell like Moss.


Step 3: Make Up


“I keep my daytime make up natural. Decorte’s Sheer Brilliance Foundation (£90 or $116) is really light. Then I curl my lashes, add some mascara and that’s about it.”

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