Katy Perry Is Back In Her Burger

Taylor Swift’s video for her new LGBTQ+ anthem “You Need To Calm Down” just released and, as you’d expect, it’s filled with every cameo you never knew you needed. There’s the whole cast of Queer Eye, queen of all drag queens RuPaul, a hot second of Ryan Reynolds painting (?), and, the best of them all, Katy Perry in her infamous burger costume.


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After Swift and Perry fully squashed their years-long beef via a plate of cookies, the two teamed up on her latest music video to bring back Perry’s Met Gala burger suit, courtesy of Moschino. But this time, Swift joined her in the diner-inspired aesthetic with a fries outfit to match, slow dancing hand-in-hand as a hoard of drag queens fling cake and shrimp into the air.


Now, can we finally get a Perry-Swift collaboration, sponsored by McDonald’s?


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