Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Cover ‘LOVE’ Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue

It’s a rare occasion (one would assume) that would bring Kendall Jenner and Brad Pitt together on a magazine cover, but leave it to LOVE to bring them together. For the magazine’s 10th Anniversary, a number of cover stars appeared on 10 special edition magazines in celebration.

Gigi Hadid, Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Kendall Jenner, Brad Pitt, Adwoa Aboah, Talea Lischetski, Beth Ditto, and Ariel Nicholson were the stars chosen. Each cover features its own immersive aesthetic, with Jenner’s cover causing quite the stir. The model almost bared all for the shoot, with LOVE’s editor-in-chief sharing a photo of Jenner floating in London’s Hampstead Heath park pond, topless and wearing bright red underwear.

Campbell and Aboah share a cover, both wearing balloon-filled headpieces designed by Stephen Jones Millinery for Matty Bovan. Hadid, meanwhile, wears a Donnie Darko-inspired bunny mask by Fleet Ilya. In a LOVE Instagram post, Jenner talked about playing an assortment of characters for the shoot.

“I was wearing a brown wig, crazy makeup, and they were like, OK, hold this teddy bear. And the next one — I don’t smoke cigarettes, so they light this cigarette and they’re like, can you hold it? And I’m like, OK, now I’m the badass fucked-up girl,” she said.

She was also very candid about her disappearance from public life and the runway in recent months. ‘Last season I didn’t do any shows. Just ‘cause I was working in LA and I was like “Oof, I can’t right now – I’m gonna go crazy”,’ she told the publication.

To see more 10th anniversary celebration from LOVE, head to their site to see Jenner swim in Hampstead Ponds and Beth Ditto perform an intimate acapella version of the Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation”.


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