King Princess Elevates To Icon Status With ‘Cheap Queen’

If our favorite member of Gen Z, King Princess, hasn’t already stolen your heart, it’s only a matter of time—and lord knows her latest will only accelerate that process.


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The 20-year-old singing sensation is back with a truly seminal new visual for “Cheap Queen,” the second single from her much-anticipated debut album. In the Symone Ridgell-directed video, King Princess tackles a range of roles, from an Erika Jayne-esque characters to an overzealous car saleswoman and ’80s pageant royalty, recruiting her nearest and dearest to live out our informercial-cum-reality-television fantasies. Come for the Blues Clues homage, stay for the Hilary Duff-Disney Channel spoof.


Keep an eye out for the artist’s upcoming full-length project (currently under the alleged placeholder title, KP1), and binge “Cheap Queen,” below.


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