Kylie Jenner Has an Impressive Modern Art Collection

Kylie Jenner is many things: multimillion-dollar business woman, very cool Fendi mom, and now, apparently, a modern art collector. Vogue reports that Kylie has been giving a tour of the burgeoning art collection in her Calabasas home via Instagram.

The 20-year-old next shows us two Tracey Emin light installations, The Kiss Was Beautiful and I Can’t Believe How Much You Love Me, both worth anywhere from $90,000 to $130,000 each. Vogue tells us that Kris and Kendall are also big Emin fans and own pieces of her neon light collection. Kendall apparently owns a slightly more graphic Emin work, a neon piece from 1999 reading “glad to hear you’re a happy girl” underneath the dimensions of the artist’s ex-boyfriend’s penis. Next, she showed off a collection of Damien Hirst’s butterfly foil prints, part of the artist’s famous I Love You series.

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Next, we get to see the Kardashian clan’s love of perspex on full display — a white and perspex piano sits in front of two red and blue Ellsworth Kelly prints. Artnet calls the collection a “safe, sentimental, and décor-forward starter assortment, which suggests she could benefit from a cool young art advisor who could point her to artists of the younger generation,” a somewhat condescending way of saying that Kylie’s off to a good start.

Her collection doesn’t stop there, though. W reported in March that Kylie also reportedly has a signed, limited-edition print of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Hollywood Africans in front of the Chineses Theater with Footprints of Movie Stars. Also a nice touch: a book of the French photographer Bettina Rheims sits on her coffee table.

Some folks collect Forever21 crop tops when they’re 20, others original Tracy Emin installations. C’est la vie!

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