The Lace Boy Short: Your Hottest Lingerie Essential

Lingerie is a necessity for every woman. No matter how your style may be on the outside, it’s always the inside that counts — which is why you need the some sexy undies. But, sexy doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable, which is why we’re ditching the signature thongs and reaching for these relaxing staples: the lace boy shorts.


Gone are the days of skin-cutting wedgies and G-strings that are one size too tight, because the lace boy short is here to save the day. This dainty play on the more lounge-around boy short is an essential to every woman’s panty drawer. It’s perfect for those days when you need some room to breathe, but still want to put on (and take off) something with a sultry edge.


So, where exactly did these cheeky intimates come from, anyways? Well, they can be traced back to the times of the 1950’s pin-up girl. This was the era when the idea of lingerie transitioned from being hidden, to being seen. Sexier plays on the old-time “granny panties” hit the mainstream, making lace boy shorts and thongs a necessity for married women and single ladies alike.


While lingerie held a provocative stigma for a few decades later, by the 1970’s it became a household item thanks to the likes of Victoria’s Secret. In 1977, the brand first launched in San Francisco and immediately took the world by storm.


Before Victoria’s Secret was even a concept, women only bought two types of underwear: modest, boring everyday brief-like pieces, or overtly sexy bedroom wear. Once VS entered the world, it was able to revolutionize the style of lingerie to create day-to-day pieces that are fun, flirty, and comfy.


Fast forward to now, and the international conglomerate — along with other notable brands like La Perla and Agent Provocateur — are still finding ways to completely switch up the lingerie game, particularly with our lacy boy shorts. They come in an array of lace styles, patterns, and cuts. Whether you’re a cheeky fit or you like to opt for a full-on brief fit, there’s definitely a pair of lace boy shorts just waiting for you to step into them.


But we get it — sometimes, shopping for underwear can be super difficult. While we all like to opt for the staple black lace, we’re daring you to step out of your comfort zone and put on something fun. From bold prints to vibrant hues, there’s a whole world of these comfy undies that you’ve been missing out on.


Plus, no matter what type of lace boy shorts you choose, we guarantee they’ll all provide the same full-coverage you need when you’re wearing short skirts and mini dresses.


So, don’t fall into the basic black pattern yet again. Spice up your life with some of the hottest lace boy short styles we’ve ever laid our eyes on. So go ahead and take a peek at these sultry styles. We know you — and whoever you’re showing — will like what you see.


Spice things up with these hot lace boy shorts.


Red Hot



Loren Open Gusset Boyshorts



Want to heat things up to the next level? Then put on this red hot lace boy short. This little number has all the comfort and coverage you love from your everyday undies, but heats things up with its cherry red hue and front corset clips. These lace boy shorts on the cheekier side, so you’re covered up but still stay fun and flirty. And, the breathable lace material stay soft as it gently hugs your curves. This playful pair of panties is great for a date night, or even for running around and getting errands done. The choice is yours to make.


Lace & Lavender



'Signature Lace' Boyshorts, Size Medium - Purple

$32 $19.2


This delicate deep purple paired with a floral lace design is everything we could ever ask for in our lingerie. Its playful style is balanced by the comfortable fit and adorable style. The stretchy lace hugs your body in a second skin-like fit, and feels as if nothing is even there. And no need to worry about them digging into your skin — the hemline is scalloped for a quirky touch that leaves a seamless design that won’t cause discomfort. This underwear is perfect for those casual times when a thong or g-string just doesn’t cut it for the day.


Primitive Behavior



Grey Python Boyshorts, Size Small - Grey

$39 $23.4


If you’re feeling daring with your lingerie style, then slide into these comfy boy shorts. The real star of this show is the snakeskin design that’s meant to stunt on everyone. While snakeskin print can be gaudy at times, the modest boy short cut creates a more toned-down look. It’s the perfect fusion between sweet and sexy, making it a great pick for any occasion. The earth toned hues are also great for giving your usual nude panties a major upgrade, and the thin lace material acts as a no-show underwear, even when you’re in the tightest of bodycon dresses.


Just The Ends



Heather Jersey Boyshorts, Size Small - Burgundy



If you’re not a fan of all-over lace, but want a seamless hemline, then these are the fit for you. This jersey material has met its match with a purple and black hemline, creating the crossover our lingerie drawers were in dire need of. This pair of everyday undies stay stylish while being modest with the heather grey jersey base, but spice things up with the vibrant multi-toned lace. Plus, they’re a thicker material while still staying seamless, meshing together the best of both worlds. These are the perfect lazy day undies for their comfy feel that still keeps us on our toes in terms of style.


Flower Power



Florentina Boyshorts, Size X-Small - Purple



If you’re familiar with us, then you KNOW we love a good floral design. While Miranda Priestly may disagree with us, we’re major fans of a head to toe floral look — even when it comes down to our underwear. So, embrace the flora and fauna look with these floral lace boy shorts. The lilac floral design transforms the average boy short into a work of art, and the soft lace pattern creates a match made in underwear heaven. Like most lace boy shorts, the thin lace creates a seamless fit that may thongs or G-strings can’t achieve, and the scalloped hemline prevent your panties from getting in a bunch.


On The Hunt



'Hunter' Boyshorts, Size Small - Green

$39 $23.4


You won’t have to prepare for battle with these cozy army-print undies. This pair of lace boy shorts feature a classic camouflage print that’s trendy, and honestly pretty sexy. The brief-like fit covers a bit more than your basic cheeky picks, which is why we think this underwear is an essential to your lingerie ensemble. Because of its slightly longer length, you won’t have to worry about these bunching up every time you take a seat or make any movements.


The Nudist



'Halo Lace' Boyshorts, Size Large - Beige



We all need a nude undie, but that doesn’t mean they have to be “plain Jane” styles. Mix up your average nude underwear with this lace boy short. They’re everything you can ask for in a nude underwear: seamless fit, comfortable length, and flesh-like color that’s fitting to wear under your sheerest of clothing. But, they mix things up with the contrasting lace patterns and all-over floral design.


Angular Effect



Colette Boyshorts, Size Medium - Green



This geometrical arrow pattern adds a contemporary edge to a usually feminine design. This lace boy short completely flips the script on everything you thought about lace: what was once reserved as a floral-donned material is now getting a sharp, almost androgynous spin. The forest green color adds to the masculine nod, but still stays femme through the subtly scalloped hemline.


Ocean Aesthetic



Lace Boyshorts, Size Small - Blue/green



If you’re missing the ocean breeze in the colder weather, call on your most nautical vibes with this pair of lace boy shorts. The mix of blue tints creates a lagoon-esque gradient of colors that you could never go wrong with. These boy shorts stay snug in fit, but breathable through the lace material. This ombré design paired with a dainty lace and cheeky backside cut creates the sexiest everyday undie.


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink



Lace Short - Pink

$30 $8.5


Your panty collection is never complete without a pink, lace piece. This lace boy short is the perfect addition to your lingerie drawer for its low-rise fit and hipster cut, which creates a sexy little number that’s perfect for day or night. The small bow is complimented by a teeny metal embellishment, tying this provacative play on the classic lingerie seamlessly together.

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