Rejoice, Little Monsters—Lady Gaga Has a Beauty Line

Lady Gaga possesses myriad talents: chart-topping Pop singer, documentary film star, American Horror Story actress, fashion muse to Brandon Maxwell and Donatella Versace, and now, a beauty entrepreneur. Come June, Gaga is slated to launch Haus Beauty, named aptly by the artist and her Haus of Gaga team.

As The Blast originally reported, the Haus of Gaga filed a patent for Haus Beauty back in February for an expansive line of beauty products. According to the Trademarkia, the “Born This Way” singer has requested a patent for over 50 different types of products. We may soon see everything from Gaga foundation to sunscreen to nail polish, and beyond. Whether all of these products will come to fruition is yet to be seen.

With everyone hopping on the beauty bandwagon these days, from Kris Jenner to Drew Barrymore, the beauty market is becoming increasingly splintered. It seems there is a niche beauty market for anyone with a face and money to spend. Mother’s? Check. Crunchy granola-lovers? Check, check. Little Monsters? Check, check, and check.

Considering how many influencers are using their own personal celebrity to tap into the big business of beauty, we guess it really shouldn’t come as a shock that Gaga—the same artist who once painted her skin stark white and glued teeny tiny pearls to her face at the debut of her makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics—is interested in sharing her beauty brand with the world.

Fans of Gaga are excited about the news, but cite her depression during her fragrance campaign as a reason why they hope it won’t play out the same way.

Another fan noted, “I’m not gonna talk about Gaga launching ‘Haus Beauty’ because it’s still a rumour until now. I’ll just prevent you that Gaga never said that she hates doing these things, she stated she disliked being forced to attend events, meet certain people & sell certain products for money.”


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