The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Smooth Legs

Like most of my friends, winter permits me to sport a nice fuzzy buffer of leg-hair until the uncomfortable prickles-against-jeans sensation overtakes the smug joy of laziness. The blistering heat of summer requires a pronounced step up of the shaving game. My goal is to be as effective as possible with minimal effort, so I did a little research on how to get pins in tip top shape.

The Ultimate Power Move: Lasering

I’ve ventured into brazilian zapping and most recently, armpit lasering, and love the results. I haven’t had to shave my pits since my first session, but haven’t had as spectacular results with coarser hair (down there). If I had the money I would definitely begin the leg process. Keep in mind that it will be 9-12 sessions, a heck of a lot larger territory to cover and set you back at least $1,000.

My spot: Erase Med Spa in Chelsea

The Traditional Approach: Razors

If you’re like me, you decided as a kid to defy the rules and try shaving out secretly. This led to a firm razor pull straight up my shin bone, panic, and a lot of blood while screaming for my mom. I was in fifth grade and sort of learned my lesson, but while I’ve become more cautious, I actually haven’t read much on the art of shaving. Some quick points from the interwebs:

  • Razor should be sharp, clean, and dry. The majority of us keep Razors In the shower, but that can brew bacterial and rust the blades, so better to rinse, pat dry and store elsewhere.
  • Give your skin a few minutes in the water to loosen up before shaving.
  • Exfoliate before shaving for an even closer shave.
  • Razor burn is caused by dead skin cells clogging up the razor blade, so if you are prone, exfoliating first is critical.
  • Shave cream is a yes, shower gel is a no. Bar soap is a hell no.
  • Moisturize right after shaving.
  • Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth- so start at your ankles and go slow and steady.
  • While it might feel productive to add pressure, this actually causes a rougher surface and dimples the skin, which can leave to nicks.

My top pick: Harry’s Truman Razor with five blades, german engineered and sadly still made for boys. I have a hunch they will be coming out with a women’s line soon.

The Gizmo Approach: Electric Shavers

I’ve been side-eyeing my boyfriends electric razor, wondering why this isn’t a thing for women? After a some research, it seems that the good shit has been relegated to the boys; but this model got top marks from a woman enthusiast: Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver Wet/Dry who had a similar hunch. Electric Shavers with a higher RPM of 10,000 will do less ‘biting’ – where the razor hugs the skin and causes some blood- eek- and this one was touted to be the Mercedes Benz of razors with much less vampire action.

Top pick: Panasonic ES8103S

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Smooth Legs, shaving

The Masochist Approach: Waxing

I am sweating just thinking of getting waxed again. I don’t have the pain threshold, but for those who dare, or have lost the ability to feel pain, waxing is effective. Since the wax sticks to the hair follicle and fully rips out the hair and root, the hair will be removed quickly and will have taken out the entire tip-to-root. Guaranteed three to six weeks of hairless time.

The Anytime, Anywhere: The Sphynx

This is my new gym bag hero. The Sphynx is a niffy disc, that is a 3-in-1 portable razor. It was designed for touch-ups only, and has five stars for packaging. You’ll have to add in water ahead of time to the little spray bottle, and then the disc allows for the spray, soap, and shave to rotate for quick shaves. For a second I was unsure what to do with the residual bar soap, but just rub it into your skin as a post-shave lotion since its made of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter. No water or rinse required, so this is perfect for camping or storing in your desk for last-minute dates. I’m rarely fussed about missing a spot, but if you’re someone who likes to really cover all bases, this little gadget is for you. It’s also carry-on friendly which is dope.

Top pick: Sphynx


Portable Razor


Until I make that funny money and invest in lasering, I’ll be sticking to razors, avoiding pink taxes, but absolutely stepping up my hygiene. While there is no hard and fast rule to how many shaves you can get out of one razor, most dermatologists recommend changing blades after a couple of shaves (mindblown) and definitely changing it out after the first sign of rusting or dulling to the blade. So, shaving three times a week, I should be using a new blade a week….no wonder razor subscription models are such a success! I’ll be supporting Billie this summer, and fueling their pink tax rebate plan. Stay tuned!

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