Match vs Clash: Learn to Layer Like a Pro

When the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, that means it’s time to start layering. It might seem daunting to start layering clothes over more clothes, but the real truth is that there is no need to worry over what matches and what clashes. There are very few rules to creating stylish layers.

Really, all you need to consider is color and texture. As long as you start with a coordinated color palette, the rest is smooth sailing. Pick an accent color or two, then pair them with neutrals and basics. Then just go wild on texture. Really, go wild. Get as many textures involved as possible; make your look as intricate and visually intriguing as you can.


Try a dress or a skirt-and-top combo in a striking color like red. And from there, just add as much as you can. Start with a classic like a denim jacket and then a black jacket. Mix in a pair of tall boots to match the jacket and finish the look with a hobo bag or tote, and your lesson in layering is complete.


Onyx down jacket



Denim jacket

985$ $591


Seamed A-line dress



Fringed leather over-the-knee boots

1,695$ $678


Collapsed tote bag



Opaque cotton tights



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