Lindsay Lohan Is Designing an Island in Dubai

Happy Friday to us ALL…

The motto of 2018 is “Why the hell not?” The previous year was deeply strange, and as one of my friends noted on Facebook, this year feels low-key apocalyptic but in a FUN way. Nothing — and I mean nothing — demonstrates that better than this tidbit of news today. Lindsay Lohan might be designing an island in Dubai.

Lohan told Wendy Williams that she, along with opening a second nightclub in Mykonos (I didn’t know there was a first), is “in discussions” to design one of the World Islands off the coast of Dubai. The World Islands is a 300-island chain laid out in the shape of Earth’s continents, an incredibly luxurious and ambitious plan that would house resorts, decadent restaurants, and floating homes (?).

The Cut reports that, should this island come to fruition, it will be called Lohan Island. You can watch the clip here, and also, please note Lohan’s return to an American accent.



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