Loewe Introduces ‘Mackintosh Masterpieces’ For The Holidays

Most designers these days are collaborating with influencers or models, but not Jonathan Anderson, creative director of Loewe and his own eponymous label. “There’s going to be people who know Rennie Mackintosh and there are going to be people who don’t,” Anderson tells Vogue of his new Mackintosh-inspired holiday collection.


Even if those people aren’t familiar with Mackintosh, they’ll likely recognize his work: Characterized by stained glass roses, Rennie Mackintosh was a Scottish designer and architect who greatly influenced Modernism. Anderson references pieces of Mackintosh’s work in his knitwear and the other ready-to-wear pieces in Loewe’s men’s and women’s collections, which feature floral motifs and voluminous shapes.


Loewe Introduces Mackintosh Masterpieces For The Holidays 1

Courtesy of Loewe


Loewe Introduces Mackintosh Masterpieces For The Holidays

Courtesy of Loewe


Of Mackintosh’s newfound success, Anderson says, “There’s something about him; he’s like an outsider, really,” adding, “Yes, he’s become a historical icon in terms of design, but in his period he really was an outsider. He wasn’t really appreciated in his period, which for me is incredibly interesting, those people who sit outside of where we are.”

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