The Lord Jones CBD Products That Chilled Me Out

My commute has never been the same, thanks to CBD brand Lord Jones.


I live in New York City, a sometimes stressful place. A place where my morning commute isn’t complete unless I’m drenched in sweat by the time I arrive to the office. Mass transit in the summertime: it’s great, minus everything. That’s why I started riding my bike to work. It’s an amazing workout, except when I’m dodging cars like bullets, and still end up covered in sweat.


But, hey, that’s “city life” I suppose! Stress is just another symptom of living in an ecosystem that is so densely populated. When you’re constantly surrounded by people, it forces you to negotiate space at all times, which can be draining. And stressful!


For me, stress results in things like grinding my teeth at night. I also hold a lot of tension in my shoulders, and suffer from a severe case of “text neck,” like a true millennial. I’ve sought the sage advice of doctors, yoga instructors, and similar experts, who have all come to the (not so) groundbreaking conclusion that I need to de-stress.


But I’m already doing “Yoga With Adriene” a few times per week. I’ve started (and since stopped) ketogenic diets. My sleep patterns are mostly normal. What gives?


Enter: Lord Jones, a CBD brand.


I tried a cheap CBD vape pen for the first time last spring on a family trip to Florida. People claimed it was a miracle drug, able to cure every ailment from chronic pain to acne. To me, it tasted awful and I felt nothing. “Fake news,” I thought at the time. Wrong I was.


Recently, a friend had been really talking up Lord Jones. She’s a biomedical researcher in Santa Monica, and was waxing poetic about their body lotion and tinctures. She claimed Lord Jones’ products quelled her anxiety and even helped with her epilepsy symptoms. But, I felt dubious.



As someone who tends to be skeptical, the only way to really know if something works is obviously to try it yourself, which is what happened next. After trying the body lotion and tincture, my opinions on CBD changed.


I tried the lotion at work. It smells reminiscent of Hempz, for obvious reasons, and Mandy Moore apparently loves it. To be honest, I didn’t notice much of a difference or an effect. Later, I went home and dropped the tincture into a glass of red wine. At that point, I was sold. And very, very relaxed, without any groggy brain fog. For those wondering, it won’t get you high.


From my experience, CBD won’t melt away your stresses for good, but it’s a nice distraction. I’ve been occasionally dropping the tincture into my morning Holy Basil tea on hectic days. It’s also made commuting much more “chill”. Now I’m just worried about when I’ll run out.


The full range of Lord Jones products are available to buy on their website now.

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