Love for the Midwest: Musician Lissie Touches Base With Her Roots

Lissie, a folk and alternative rock musician originally from Rock Island, Illinois has had her share of ups and downs. From feeling artistically trapped in her record deal, she has turned a bad experience into a musical awakening. The musician was recently featured in ‘Twin Peaks,’ playing her song ‘Wild West.’ Her anticipated new album ‘Castles,’ is set for release on March 23rd. Yearning to reconnect her midwestern roots, Lissie made the move from LA to Iowa to write ‘Castles.’ And if her singles ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Blood and Muscle’ are anything to go by, the singer songwriter has turned to pop for stylistic influence. The former supporting act for Lenny Kravitz talks to COOLS about her sense of community and how she wants her life to be full of purpose.

Watch the video for Lissie’s new single ‘Best Days‘ now.

Head of Video: Tina Rosh  DP: Andrew K.

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