How to Do the “No Makeup” Look Right

Finally, after a nauseatingly long spurt of cold weather, chill summer days (and warm party nights) are just around the bend. And when it comes to the summer season, our style and beauty routines tend to take a drastic turn. Short-shorts, sun-kissed skin, and luminous glows almost immediately become our summer goals, while heavy liners and dark colors are stowed away until the cold weather hits us once again.

Like many summer fashion trends, the signature warm weather makeup looks we’ve all known and loved actually came about in the 1940s. Women in swimsuits with lightly toasted, golden complexions we all strive for were plastered across Vogue in the late 40s, along with bright cherry lips and rosy cheeks. Ever since, these styles have become a subconscious piece to our seasonal looks, regardless of our outfit stylings of the day.

These styles have obviously carried through the centuries into modern times, but with the makeup looks phenomenon that’s been hitting our Instafeeds for the past few years, everyone’s been getting more creative with their beauty looks. The idea of keeping everything “on fleek” while still staying true to your originality is a strong one in our era, and it’s all about enhancing your features rather than covering them up.

While this may sound like a challenge, it’s much simpler to create these summertime fine makeup looks than you’d think. One of the major benefits about summertime makeup looks is that most of these styles are based on one goal: the “no makeup-makeup” look. This style abandons the idea of bold, dramatic colors and focuses on making your inner beauty have a more radiant appeal. 

While the  barely-there makeup looks were always around, we have Kim Kardashian to thank for bringing the “no makeup” look back into the mainstream beauty rituals of our time. Her bold brows, subtle pink lips and bronzed skin have become heavily sought after, and now the minimal makeup trend is truly hitting the world by storm. This summer, the motto is simple and sweet for our makeup looks, and we’re all about living it to the fullest.

The best part about this “no makeup” trend that floods our summer lookbooks is the simplicity of it. All you need are just a few products to give your face an iridescent summer glow, without all of the risky business of tanning. Just a simple makeup routine can easily boost your summertime looks, and you’ll look as vibrant as a sunset horizon instantly.

So, want to give some barely-there makeup looks a try? You’ve come to the right place: we’ve nailed down some of the top trending easy summer makeup looks to try out this season. These looks are guaranteed to take less than 10 minutes to perfect, and will have you slaying the summer makeup game. No matter where you venture this summer, you need to break out these minimal effort styles for the season. So, give our summer makeup guide a try and see for yourself why we’re obsessing over these effortless looks.

Need to step up your makeup game? Then slay all day with these easy summer makeup looks.


Lip Color


Popsicle Lips

One of the top-trending looks for the season is undeniably the “popsicle lips,” otherwise known as “snogging lips.” This lip trend is based off of the smudged, tinted look your lips are left with when you’re eating a popsicle (or making out with bae). Creating this look is pretty simple: just blot some lipstick or lip stain on the center of your lips, and smudge it outwards to create an unlined, faded stain. The best color to create with this look is a classic cherry red, and you should use a lip product with a blendable formula, like Milk Makeup’s Lip Color, to create the ultimate smudged effect.


Caviar Stick Eye Colour


The Anti-Liner

When we think of eyeliner, straight-edge lines are usually what come to mind. But this summer, we’re abandoning all forms of perfectionism and going for the grungy anti-liner look. This is the perfect trend for girls who just can’t let go of their liners for the summer, as it gives off a cool and nonchalant “last night’s makeup” a la Kate Moss style. You can choose any eyeliner color you please for this look, but our preference is always with a subtle dark brown liner. Grab a pencil liner, like the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour, and dab it along your lash lines. Then, lightly blend it out for a messy, defocused effect.



Eye Color Quad Eyeshadow Palette


Nude Shadows

To keep styling at a minimum this season, grab some nude eyeshadows to give your eyes a subtle shimmer. If you want to give your nude shadow look some color, incorporate some light baby pinks and purples for a sweet and sexy appeal. To create an easy nude eyeshadow style, just grab the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Mink, and use the matte colors as bases for your lids. Then, use the shimmering foils to highlight your eyes for a truly captivating glow. To keep your shadow from fading or sweating off, make sure you set it with the Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo.


Cushion Blush Highlighter


Sunkissed Tan

How could we make a summertime makeup roundup and not include a simple tanning hack? This trick will effortlessly give you a golden color without risking the health of your skin like regular tanning does. All you need is a self tanner and some highlighter to give your skin a coppertone glow. Just simply use Tan-Luxe’s The Face Illuminating Tan Drops to give your skin a faux tan, and then grab a warm-toned highlighter, like the Lancome Cushion Blush highlighter in Rose Limonde, and swipe it across your cheekbones for an easy Brazilian-esque tan.


Lip Gloss


Glossy Lips

If you’re into the simple nude lip, then we have the perfect style for you: the glossy lip. It’s as minimal effort as makeup could ever get, and it instantly makes small, thin lips look fuller and plumper. There are also tons of lip glosses on the market with subtle tints to give your lips just a hint of color. One of our top picks is the Kjaer Weis Lip Gloss for its lightweight formula that gives lips a modest shimmer while making them seem poutier and hydrated throughout the day.




Mineral Bronzer


Subtle Contour

While extremely cinched cheekbones were a major trend this past winter, we’re laying low on the contour and giving our cheekbones just a subtle enhancement. And we’re not talking about getting fillers, we’re grabbing some bronzer instead. Using a powder bronzer gives your cheeks a humbled contour that will add a slight hint of definition without becoming overbearing. Just a few swipes of bronzer underneath your cheekbones will give you a deeper, more defined shape. Our essential bronzing powder will always be the Mineral Fusion Bronzer.


NEW! KUSH High Volume Mascara


Long, Luscious Lashes

Elongated lashes are always a major trend, but this summer they’re the ultimate make it or break it of your seasonal makeup looks. And creating longer, fuller lashes doesn’t have to involve a lash extension appointment or applying messy false lashes. Just grab a great mascara to give your lashes the extension they need! To create the illusion of longer lashes, just use a lash curler to lift up your lashes, and then swipe on two coats of the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara.

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