Let’s Get Digital: Marc Jacobs & Kodak Launch A Photo App

Lights! Cameras! Action!


On the tails of his Grunge Redux collection that debuted last month (you know, the one that famously got him fired from Perry Ellis before he went on to build a fashion legacy), Marc Jacobs has partnered with Kodak to launch a photo-filter app for iPhones that allows you to apply “filter effects, light leaks, and film frames” to your images. Huji whomst? This new app will give your Instagram images that dreamy, nostalgic je ne sais quoi that’s so hot right now.



With the app, Jacobs and Kodak wanted to merge the analog experience of shooting film photography on an iPhone.


“The [Marc Jacobs] Redux Grunge collection celebrates an era of fashion and photography that was synonymous with the Kodak brand, so it made perfect sense to collaborate on an authentic Kodak filter,” Dany Atkins, Kodak’s chief brand office, said in a statement.


If you still don’t think the Kodak x Marc Jacobs app is worth the iCloud storage, let this photo of Roo, COOLS’ honorary Executive Fashion Editor, lay your fears to rest:


Let's Get Digital: Marc Jacobs & Kodak's Launch A Photo App

Photo: Courtesy of Author

Roo using the Kodak x Marc Jacobs camera app


In other news, Marc Jacobs is launching a Marc by Marc reincarnation in 2019 and we couldn’t be more ready.

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