Enjoy This Photo Of The Olsen Twins Wearing Matching Tiaras On Their Birthday

Post-2009, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have come to perfect one very standard style of dressing: all black, with a pair of Birkenstocks or slippers and a cigarette. Even for this year’s “Camp”-themed Met Gala, the twins could only muster up enough gall to switch up their uniforms with a little bit of yellow detail. They are undeniably chic in a way that is demure and doesn’t say, well, anything.


With this in mind, imagine our surprise (shock! delight!) when, on their birthday on June 16, the sisters wore matching rhinestone tiaras that read “Birthday Girl” loudly across their heads. Yep, the same kind your mom bought at Party Warehouse for your fourth birthday.


Having won “Accessory Designer of the Year” at the CFDA Awards just a week prior, it’s not like they don’t know a good accoutrement when they see one. This is the chef’s kiss of irony for two 30-something, billionaire fashion designers.


So what’s next for the twins and their inside joke fashion ironies? Is camp just how we all live now, even the Olsens? Will it be French tip nails? A matching sash moment? 33 years in the spotlight and they’re still making style history, so HBD to the most fashionable twins on earth.

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