Mary-Kate Olsen’s Cardigan Just Created Fall’s Hottest Sweater Trend

The Olsens have proved themselves talented in many arenas: parlaying a successful movie career into an equally successful high fashion brand, vehemently avoiding an updo of any kind on the Met Gala carpet, chain-smoking. But no one saw this coming, no no. Mary-Kate Olsen has taken cardigans into uncharted territory, and we might never be the same.


Considering the day-to-day weather hasn’t dipped below the 80s in New York for weeks now, Mary-Kate’s attire was not only a bold choice but a remarkable one. She donned not one but two sweaters: a bright orange zip-up hoodie over what appears to be a tank top, and then, as a final flourish, a black cardigan buttoned and shimmied down so the neck sits on the waist in skirt position—sleeves be damned. Forget that Aquamarine t-shirt trick, Mary-Kate has opened up a whole new world in which outerwear may be worn anytime, in any way. 

If this trend isn’t adopted among the fashion week frontrunners to become the number one trend to take over fall, frankly, we don’t deserve to leave the house. From now on you can catch us with our Brandy Melville cardigans slung on our hips, sleeves billowing in the wind. 


Thank you, Mary-Kate. 

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