Meet Still Here: The Brand Reinventing The Perfect Pair Of Vintage Jeans

“My father grew up in the ’60s and gave me an old pair of Levi’s jeans he had worn to capacity throughout his teenage years,” says Sonia Beyda Mosseri, founder of Still Here. “I thought these were the coolest things I had every seen as a kid. Ever since then I have been collecting vintage jeans.”


We are all familiar with the moment of finding a pair of jeans that fits just so. It’s tragically rare. It keeps us coming back to the makeshift dressing rooms of the Melrose Flea Market in LA and weaving in and out of our favorite Williamsburg thrift stores hoping to stumble across the right wash, the right fit, and the right feel. When done well—denim is timeless. The sturdy material can withstand countless coffee spills, grass stains, backpacking trips, and more, somehow improving with age rather than degrading.


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“Every [pair] has character, wear, and memories attached to it. That is a really special concept to me. I wanted to create a new version of that feeling,” says Beyda Mosseri. Still Here’s first denim collection, out this month, brings back the magic of vintage jeans with a fine art flair.


The collection oscillates between good old fashioned denim and artful embellishment. You can choose between the signature Tate Crop hand-painted in black and white or hunter and mint green, embroidered with poppy red line work, or bejeweled in festive holiday colors. These details appear on the back of the jean, drawing a cheeky line from butt to ankle.


“I always struggled with choosing either fine art, or fashion as my profession. I think this was my way of reconciling with them both.” says Beyda Mosseri. “I remember the first time I was painting on my jeans and I painted the back stripe, I felt an immediate sense of excitement.”


The husband and wife team behind Still Here are up until 3 a.m. most nights, working on the business side of things and painting jeans. The duo met in a Yeshiva, going from high school sweethearts to fashion moguls in the matter of a few years. Beyda Mosseri has worked with the likes of Rosie Assoulin (“I learned everything I know from her”) and dabbled in the whimsy of costume design before launching Still Here two years ago. The new denim collection has been a special passion project for Beyda Mosseri, who wanted to design something for her, for her friends, and for all the women in her life that live in their jeans.


“The fit is super feminine, yet extremely wearable for everyday,” Beyda Mosseri says. “We want Still Here pieces to be what you gravitate toward in the morning,”


And gravitate you will. The 100% cotton cropped, high-rise, straight-leg, and (most importantly) wedge fit is genuinely comfortable. 


“Jeans are something woman wear every single day, no matter who they are, what they do, or where they’re going,” says Beyda Mosseri.


Finding a pair you adore is trying work, but always worth it. Keep your eye on Still Here, with new styles and washes coming soon, they’re bound to become a new staple.

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