Meet The Musician Who Loves Shopping At Halloween Stores

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Sabrina Fuentes, downtown NYC cool kid with slight Kim Gordon vibes, prefers to be called by her pseudonym, Sicky Sab. This alias name has lent itself to both her thriving online presence and her band, Pretty Sick, which reigns a mix of inspirations from punk to grunge to pop music. Sab may have been born post 90’s but the rocker has major ’90’s vibes in her music, fashion ,and overall lifestyle. We catch up with Sab on some of her favorite brands, accessories, and places to achieve the perfect rocker look (hint: vintage).

Where do you live?

SF: “I live in New York and London.”

Where are your favorite places to shop?

SF: “I like to shop on eBay, and at Gothic Renaissance in NYC, halloween stores, flea markets, Serotonin in London, the dark web, my friends’ and mom’s closets, and Cafe Forgot.

What brands are you loving right now?

SF: “W&LT, Lyz Olko, Vanna Youngstein, Miu Miu, Hysteric Glamour, ACC Studio, and Issey Miyake, but mostly I wear vintage stuff.”

What are your go-to outfit essentials?

SF: “Funky pants, baby tees, jelly sex bracelets, patterned tights (as pants), boob tank tops, Vans half cabs, spiky bracelets, a suit, heavy jewelry, no bra, and yes to undies.”

What is your style philosophy?

SF: “’Do I look as good in this as I do naked?’ Just kidding! I don’t have one, I’m mostly just a lazy slob.”

Sicky Sab 1


leopard print trousers - Brown



Urban Outfitters Bungee Strap Tube Top



Pl72 External Tongue Sneaker


Sicky Sab 2


Barton Metallic Straight-Leg Jeans

$850 $373


Chaplin Reversible Leather Moto Jacket - Black Silver - Size XS

$515 $360.5


Broken heel velvet boots - Blue

$1,413 $707



Striped Fox-Fur Scarf - Black



Cascade Chandelier Earrings




$1,300 $780

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