Mejuri’s Creative Director Talks Tarot, Chablis and Wigs

If you haven’t already heard of Mejuri, then it’s time to learn the name. Pronounced “Meh-Jury,” the Canadian-based brand has been slowly taking over the fine jewelry industry with their direct-to-consumer business model, and just completed a $5 million Series A round of funding. Mejuri’s success comes from their tight supply chain which allows them to “drop” small batches of new jewelry collections on a regular basis, similar to brands like Supreme and now Burberry. By cutting out the middleman, the brand is able to offer conflict-free diamonds and other fine pieces at a significantly lower cost than you might find at a traditional jeweler.


Mejuri Talked to Us About Their 'Tarot' Collection


Right in time for Halloween, the brand is introducing Tarot Edition, a line of 4 tarot card-inspired necklaces. Necklaces available include a lion, moon, star and sun, but they’re so good you’ll want to wear them year-round. Each one is cast in 18-k gold vermeil, is embedded with white sapphires, and only costs $75. For the launch, creative director Justine Lançon spoke to us about her French tendencies, tarot cards and wigs.



Why a tarot collection?

I have a special attachment with the vintage design of french Tarot cards, as saw them frequently in my childhood (I have card readers in my family). Everyone can relate to Tarot cards, if you believe in it or not; they’re familiar, and they remind you who you are or willing to be, without being serious about it. We like to create designs that people can connect with in the same special way.


What’s your favorite tarot card? Why?

Strength. It’s a good reminder that I am strong, sometimes I forget.


Least favorite?

Maybe the moon… but I love the design of it.


Mejuri's Creative Director Discusses 'Tarot Edition' 1


It’s (almost) Halloween! What’s your favorite…


Scary movie?

Scream. I haven’t watched a scary movie since this one so it’s been a while.



Cheese + bread. I’m french to the bone.


Fall beverage?

Chablis. Same reason.


Costume you’ve ever worn or seen?

Wigs, a regular outfit and just a wig that looks a bit off, it always makes me laugh.


Mejuri's Creative Director Discusses 'Tarot Edition' 2


This or That


Witches or warlocks?



Trick or treat?



Pumpkin pie or pumpkin seeds?



Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina or Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina?

I don’t know them


Gold or silver?



Interview by Cody Jones

Tarot Edition is now available at Mejuri.

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