Meltdowns & Mugshots: Nicky Ottav Talks Art and Eccentric Individuality

“It’s called fashion, look it up.” Nicky Ottav’s infamous line, uttered first on Jimmy Kimmel Live, expresses the innate sass and bold personality the artist and entertainer embraces.  At 23, Ottav has already accumulated an impressive following from his nightlife stardom as a “clubkid.” After reigning over the second wave of clubkid future — which led to his appearance in Christian Coppola’s documentary “Clubkid” — he’s now refocusing on his art. His debut show “Saints of a Different, 2017” portrayed fellow downtown kids as “saints and aristocrats,” using Biblical imagery to blend high and low culture. Rihanna, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Nicola Formichetti are already fans of Ottav’s, and now you’ll be too.

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