Moda Operandi Dropped a Collaboration with Just Don

Calling all hypebeasts and hype-men: today, Moda Operandi introduces an exclusive collection with Just Don, a sports-adjacent clothing and shoe label designed by Don C aka Don Crawley. Hailing from Chicago, Don has risen to kingpin-status in the streetwear scene. He stocks collaborations with brands like Air Jordan and Levi’s on his own website, Just Don.


As fate would have it, Don previously worked with Kanye West as a tour manager, which helped him to get his foot into the doors of the fashion world. His unique style and charm didn’t hurt, either. Punctuated by brightly-colored sportswear, Don has managed to woo the likes of Rihanna, Jay-Z and DJ Khaled. Major key.


Perhaps the biggest “key” to Don’s success is his globalized approach to fashion. “I appreciate that now every subculture is accepting every other subculture. I really want to cross-pollinate style, fashion and sport. These things connect people. I based this collection on these principles,” he said in a statement, adding “I think we’re both on the cusp of something really groundbreaking; It’s a changeover in the guard in fashion and I’m happy to play a small role in that.”


For his first collaboration with Moda, Don stuck to his streetwear roots. “The inspiration behind the collection is always sport,” he said, referring to the four different capsules within the collection meant to represent imaginary sports teams. “We started with four teams and categorized these as The Jungle, Team X, The Sound and Islanders.”


Preview the Just Don collaboration below and pre-order the full collection at Moda Operandi



Printed Tie-Dye Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt



Printed Cotton And Cashmere-Blend Sweater



Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt


The Sound

Moda Operandi Dropped a Collaboration with Just Don 4

“The Sound takes reference to vintage music, recreating the energy of the birth of modern music and radio.”

The Jungle

Moda Operandi Dropped a Collaboration with Just Don 3

“The Jungle takes reference to the animal kingdom in texture, color and print, while mixing classic camouflage and jungle motifs.”

Team X

Moda Operandi Dropped a Collaboration with Just Don 2

“Team X is the team of the future, where robots play the role of the athletes and create a distinct era of new possibilities.”


Moda Operandi Dropped a Collaboration with Just Don 1

“Team Islanders are the team of the tropics, dressed in aloha prints with sport references, shark mascots and utility outerwear.”

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