Mr Eazi’s New Merch Is Ace

Since Kanye West’s launch of “Life of Pablo” and the hoodie obsession that ensued, merch has become the little black dress of music. Perhaps a treat for the loyalist of fans, a logo tee is indeed now a statement. It’s simple at its core, but really, why wouldn’t fans want to wear something instantly recognizable?


So, it makes a lot of sense that the Nigerian pioneer of Banku music and top hit “Pour me water” singer Mr Eazi just released some dope merch, created in collaboration with his stylist Mariam Aduke.

The line includes bright yellow sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees, meant to blend and enhance the slow summer vibes of Mr Eazi’s new mixtape “Life is Eazi: From Lagos to London”. 

The project is the second part of his debut “Accra To Lagos” and is split into two halves reflecting on his life in London, since he left his native Nigeria. Migration has been a formative element for Eazi as a musician, with his goal being to bridge typical sounds for both Lagos and the UK in each part.

To celebrate its launch, Mr Eazi threw a listening party yesterday in London and fans could lay their hands on the merch at a pop-up. For the rest of the world, it will be online soon.

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