Should We All Get A Mullet?

This summer, the “yee-haw” movement lives on stronger than ever. The official season of the Western-chic brought back Billy Ray Cyrus in all of his cowboy glory via “Old Town Road,” ass-less chaps were donned by every influencer that sat in the VIP section of Coachella, and now, a certain “business in the front, party in the back” haircut is enjoying a long-deserved revival.


That’s right, the mullet, a hairstyle donned by every All-American in the 1970s dad, has become a staple for modern style. It made its lengthy appearance all throughout Fashion Month, and now its shagged glory is being slapped onto the crowns of many of Hollywood’s elite.



And who’s more fitting to kick off the mullet craze than the descendant of the mullet king? Miley Cyrus not only debuted the cover of her upcoming EP, She Is Coming, but also showed off a fresh, shaggy cut. Is it an ode to her dad? Her return to her glory days as Disney pop princess Hannah Montana? All of the above?


But that’s not all. Another famous blonde decided to experiment with a fresh mullet: Gigi Hadid. The supermodel appeared on the cover of Vogue Mexico with a SoCal boho-hillbilly feel, straw hat and all. Should you cut a mullet? Should I cut mullet? Should we all?


Time will tell, but in the meantime  you can cue in the B-list insta-influencer copy-cats in 3, 2, 1…

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